Conveyancing Conveyancing

At Sydney BD Lawyers, We are experienced to facilitate property transactions if you are a first time home buyer or you are experienced property investor.

Commercial Law Commercial Law

We have vast experience in areas of commercial legal matters. This area of law ranges from simple to very complex. Being enormous professional practice in this area, our lawyers can find the way through any complexities to get the best output for our clients.

Litigation Litigation

Our Law Firm has a proven track record in attaining successful outcome in litigated matters. In resolution of disputes, we focus to the benefit of our clients and act accordingly.

Family Law Family Law

Family Law provides necessary information and guideline for contemplating people for separation or divorce. Our lawyers are experience in assisting clients in the event of deaths and marriages of family member and or any financial disputes.

Local Court Matters Local Court Matters

We are lawyers in Sydney with significant experience in local court matters.